Mandatory HSE training (40 hours)

Online: 27.- 31.05.2024. Thursday May 30th is used for problem solving at your workplace.

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The course fulfills the requirements of the Norwegian Working Environment Act for training of safety representatives and members of the working environment committee (AMU). Managers, HR/HSE advisors, and employees also benefit greatly from the training. The course thoroughly introduces what health, environment and safety work, HSE, entails for the company and the individual employee. The goal is for the course to lead to the development of a good working environment on the participants' workplace. A good working environment is an important factor that affects the level of sickness absence in the workplace.

We recommend that managers and safety representatives take the course together. The course requires active participation and encourages discussion and use of the participant's own experiences.

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Course content

The course promotes dialogue, training, reflection, and active use of the participants' experiences. Day 4 is a course day that takes place at the participant's own workplace with a workplace assignment. The assignment will mainly consist of familiarizing oneself with the organization's systematic HSE work and HSE system. Suppose for various reasons it is not possible to be at the workplace, it is good to bring a PC with access to the workplace's internal systems so that you can familiarize yourself with your organization. If you are not familiar with the system, it may be a good idea to schedule a meeting with your nearest manager or chief safety representative this day to get some help. If none of the above options are possible, you will receive adapted tasks for this day. 

  • Introduction to the Working Environment Act and associated regulations

  • Employer, employee, manager, safety representative and occupational health service's role in working environment work

  • How to work with physical and psychosocial working environment?

  • Requirements for systematic HSE work

  • Communication and cooperation

  • Whistleblowing

  • Adaptation in the workplace

  • Reorganization

  • Inclusive working life


Target group:

Safety representatives, leaders, members of working environment committees and others involved in HSE work.


Payment terms:

Binding registration. If the participant cancels more than 4 weeks before the course begins, the course fee will be completely refunded.

If the participant cancels less than 4 weeks before the course begins or does not show,  the complete course fee is due. 

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