When you know where the problem lies, you are better equipped to maintain an innovative business and keep your employees dedicated and productive.

We can aid in the process of mapping the working environment in your organisation through a unique program where we focus on the employees’ experience of the working environment. Arbeidsmiljøsenteret has a range of different tools for this mapping.

  • Statistical surveys online (see below)
  • Qualitative in-depth studies
  • Interviews, in groups or individually
  • Open, structured group conversations
  • Dialogue conferences

Our consultants can help you throughout the process, from choice of method and mapping to the way forward. We can help in the process of developing concrete and realistic plans of action, where the employees as well as the management will be committed to working towards making a change.

Working Environment Center are now offering a new employee survey, MTM (Medarbeider Tilfredshet Monitor, Employee Satisfaction Monitor), which is a measuring, analyzing and reporting tool, built on research on psychological and social factors of the working environment. The survey takes 15 minutes and can be completed online. Each employee will receive an email with an invitation to participate.

MTM® maps the following ten subjects: job demands, role expectations, control, positive challenges, social interaction, immediate manager, achieving work goals, job exhaustion, dedication to the organisation and motivation and dedication to the job.

The main reason to use this employee survey is to obtain a map of the current situation to discover the areas in need of attention, so resources can be spent on the areas that can improve the business performance.

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